Information Security Policy

As MAPA, we are working to be a pioneer and exemplary organization in terms of information security in our sector.

Our aims:

MAPA Information Security Policy has an important place in achieving our set and declared MAPA Strategic Goals and our Information Security Policy; It aims to protect network and infrastructure systems, technology services, and all business processes and information assets in general, by observing the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

It has been determined as an integrated management system policy covering Quality, Environment and OHS issues. Management is aware of continuously improving the effectiveness of management systems and allocating necessary resources to improve quality, environment, occupational health and safety performance.

Our goals:

  • To ensure the best level of security by effectively applying information security standards to all sources, to prevent or minimize applications that pose risks in terms of information security,
  • To ensure the continuity of business processes and to use information technologies effectively to achieve business goals,
  • To carry out risk management in accordance with the standards, to ensure that the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the information security system are reviewed independently, to implement fast and effective solutions to the identified risks and weaknesses,
  • To make effective data classification, to protect critical information at the best level, to authorize access according to needs, to apply secure technologies and techniques,
  • To comply with the legal regulations and contracts with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers) and to ensure that these contracts include protective measures regarding confidentiality and information security,
  • To continuously improve the awareness and culture of information security, to protect the reliability and image of the company.