Quality, Environment And OHS Policy


MAPA Makina Parçaları Endüstrisi A.Ş. manufactures its products in compliance with national and international standards and operates with care for the environment as well as for the health and safety of its employees within the framework of the vision of “Being the Leading Brand in Clutch Technologies”.  

MA-PA provides the requirements of Quality, Environment and OHS Management Systems to improve quality performance in all processes; is committed to continuous improvement by providing the resources it needs.

In this direction, MAPA Management commits;

  • To comply with national and international standards and all legal obligations,
  • To meet customer expectations regarding quality performance,
  • To protect the environment, including the prevention of pollution,
  • To support sustainable resource use,
  • To produce recyclable products at the end of the product life,
  • To prevent injuries and occupational diseases,
  • To provide the necessary support for the subcontractors and suppliers to work in line with these principles,
  • With risk assessments, trainings, problem solving activities and 5S practices to continuously reduce quality problems, accident, fire and OHS risks, to take precautions regarding natural disasters and to create emergency action plans,
  • Implementation of suggestion system and Kaizen studies in order to ensure the participation and contribution of our employees and employee representatives to the Integrated Management System,

It undertakes to comply with the requirements within the scope of the Management Systems policy covering Quality, Environment and OHS issues.

MA-PA Management; It undertakes to allocate the necessary resources for increasing the efficiency of the system and continuous improvement by carrying out its work with the targets set within the framework of Quality, Environment and OHS Management Systems.


MAPA regularly carries out the following activities with all its employees and business partners in order to ensure continuous improvement in Quality, Environment and OHS.

  • All working principles and procedures are documented in accordance with Management Standards.
  • Awareness is raised about the Management process by giving training to employees at regular intervals, within the scope of policies and procedures.
  • It is used to improve both the product range and product quality by monitoring the opinions and expectations of customers regarding the products and services, through interviews and surveys.
  • Continuous improvement opportunities in products and processes are identified and implemented by examining customer complaints and demands.
  • Suggestion system and Kaizen studies are implemented in order to ensure the participation and contribution of the employees to the Management System.
  • MAPA follows the obligations of all its suppliers and subcontractors, demands that they develop their own business processes in the areas they are responsible for, and ensures the control of their performance.

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