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DMF Clutch Kit


DMF : Dual Mass Flywheel

Dual-mass flywheel has reached a wide area of use in vehicles with manual and semi-automatic transmissions as consumers demand lower fuel consumption and increased driving comfort.

Torsional vibrations in the crankshaft of internal combustion engines lead to vibration and noise in the power transmission system, adversely affecting driving comfort. The purpose of the spring system in the dual-mass flywheel is to absorb the vibrations and jolts that occur in the vehicle’s engine at almost all rev ranges, allowing powertrain parts to operate silently.



• Absorbed engine vibrations
• Reduction in NVH (Noise-Vibration-Hardness) level
• Comfortable gear shifting
• Quieter operation at Idle / Drive / Start-Stop
• Lower fuel consumption
• Reduced risk of gearbox deformation

Kit Content :

4P DMF Kit: Dual mass flywheel, cover, disc and hydraulic or mechanical bearing

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